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Your wedding list at Berndorf

Lots of couples have a wedding list for their big day. Friends, acquaintances and relatives can use this to choose a gift for the couple from a list of selected products.   This means that the couple won't get two of the same present. 


Here's how it works:

Visit our Berndorf Boutique in Vienna and choose the products you want from our range. We recommend that you arrange an appointment with one of our trained employees. 

T: 01/5122944 – Vienna, Wollzeile 12
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Your personla "Wedding Table"

Our employees will then present these products on your own "wedding table".  

Wedding invitations

We would also be happy to provide you with little cards containing all the wedding list details which can then be enclosed with your wedding invitations.  


If you wish, we can collect and store the gifts.  


As a thank you for choosing us, Berndorf Besteck will give you a voucher for 10% of the total sales from your wedding list. 


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phone: +43 2672 83 610-29

Please find the contact data of our local representives on our conact page.




Berndorf Boutique  |  1010 Vienna
Wollzeile 12
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Berndorf Boutique  |  7111 Parndorf
Designer-Outletstraße 1 - Top 8
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