18/10 Nicro® polished


  • Clean and impressive - focusing on the essentials.
    Beautifully designed and full of character,
    Gamma reflects timeless grandeur. Its harmonious
    design elements and highly polished surfaces
    are captivating. Full of grace, this modern cutlery
    is the perfect complement to any dinner table and
    sits elegantly alongside any porcelain design. An
    accomplished beauty.

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Sales - Retailer

Hr. Tobias Spörk
Sales Manager / Authorised Signatory
T: +43 2672 83 610-0

Fr. Angela Windhofer
Back Office
T: +43 2672 83 610-29

Please find the contact data of our local representives on our conact page.




Berndorf Boutique  |  1010 Vienna
Wollzeile 12
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Berndorf Boutique  |  7111 Parndorf
Designer-Outletstraße 1 - Top 8
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