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    Since 1845, the boutique applies in the Wollzeile 12 as a first choice for Tableware in Vienna.

    On approximately 200 sqm of retail space high quality cutlery and tableware models offered by innovative design. The products range from modern stainless steel flatware, silver-plated or gold-plated models to the classics from real silver. Specially designed for children's hands, we have specially developed cutlery series that their great models are equal in design and execution.
    Beautiful series of glass and porcelain round off the range in our boutique. Here everyone can find something suitable for the perfectly laid table and stylish together at the table.
    Berndorf stands with his clear commitment to innovative design and uncompromising quality as the guarantor of cutlery with lasting value.

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Sales - Retailer

Hr. Tobias Spörk
Sales Manager / Authorised Signatory
T: +43 2672 83 610-0

Fr. Angela Windhofer
Back Office
T: +43 2672 83 610-29

Please find the contact data of our local representives on our conact page.




Berndorf Boutique  |  1010 Vienna
Wollzeile 12
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Berndorf Boutique  |  7111 Parndorf
Designer-Outletstraße 1 - Top 8
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