18/10 Nicro® polished


  • Lending vibrant expression in its own elegant way! Subtlety combined with powerful dynamics in the late baroque style of this cutlery that is so full of character. Rococo is enchanting, with its playful, elegant design of fine adornments. Delicate, curved lines which vividly entwine the edges. A breathtaking work of art, nobly crafted using exclusive materials.

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Sales - Retailer

Hr. Alfred Binder
Sales Manager / Authorised Signatory
T: +43 2672 83 610-0

Fr. Angela Windhofer
Back Office
T: +43 2672 83 610-29

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Berndorf Boutique  |  1010 Vienna
Wollzeile 12
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Berndorf Boutique  |  2560 Berndorf
Hainfelderstraße 6
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Berndorf Boutique  |  7111 Parndorf
Designer-Outletstraße 1 - Top 8
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